brand new b1 business space   25,000sqft to 89,000sqft
Sustainable Design
· A minimum of 20% of the site’s energy needs to be generated from
renewable technologies
· The incorporation of exemplar sustainable building strategies
· Excellent daylighting to promote quality working environments for users
· Flexibility and adaptability to prolong the lifespan of the buildings
· To produce sensitive buildings that bring ecological benefits to the site

This strategy will create a high quality internal environment with good daylight, occupant control and low ambient noise levels that will lead to:

· Increased productivity
· Improved staff retention and attraction
· Ethically responsible corporate image
· Good staff relations
· Reduced sick leave
· Reduced tenancy risks
· Flexibility for fit-out and refurbishment
· Increased profitability and reduced utility bills
We give you the innovation support you need which means that whatever your organisations size or sector we can tailor to your specific needs and business requirements.

Either way, we will have something precisely suited to your operation, budgets, schedules and personal business goals.
All concepts will be designed to high standards of sustainabili
Give it the personal touch and take the opportunity to design a
This will then be followed by a review meeting to refine the initial outline proposals followed by a final presentation for your approval. Once we have an agreement, contracts can be exchanged and the detailed planning application submitted for approval. On agreement of the detailed plans the design work can commence. Construction starts with regular design meetings held to review the construction progress until completion.
Delivery in just 18 months
From an initial meeting we will discuss and agree a first brief
Chilcomb Park can offer tailor made building solutions from 25,000 sqft - 89,000 sqft to meet the potential occupiers specific size and layout requirements and we aim to accommodate clients using our experienced property design and management team.
Our experience shows that not all companies require a standard
Cavendish & Gloucester Plc
Winston House, 2 Dollis Park, London N3 1HF

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